Topher Field MC Speaker

I call myself an ‘Optimist, Libertarian, and Film Maker’, so let me start by explaining what that’s all about.

I’m an optimist because I believe the future is going to be amazing. In fact, the last 200 years of human history have been amazing, and in many ways we are already living ‘science fiction’ lives… we just don’t realise it because it seems ‘normal’ to us. On top of the amazing technological advances, we’ve also see a dramatic rise in living standards, life expectancy, health, and wealth, and the percentage of the worlds population living in poverty is the lowest is has ever been and falling fast. In short, there has never been a better time to be alive.

I expect that progress to continue. In the future, the technology will be unimaginable, beyond even the bounds of science fiction today, and life expectancy, health, and wealth will all continue to improve in leaps and bounds. This underlying belief that the future is going to be bright makes me very optimistic, despite what may be happening in the world in the here and now.

I’m a Libertarian because one of the greatest causes of misery in the last 100 years, and one of the strongest forces resisting this progress on which our future depends, is government. Government’s are constantly regulating to restrict progress, reduce innovation, and hurt productivity and quality of life, and at their worst, governments around the world have been responsible for over 100,000,000 deaths in the last 100 years, and that’s only counting when governments kill their own citizens, it doesn’t include wars between governments! It’s counting genocides, deliberate or negligent starvation, concentration camps, and mass executions. These deaths have been primarily in Communist countries, but democracies have also fallen into tyranny in the last 100 years, and will continue to do so in future from time to time.

So in short, I’m optimistic about the future if we can stop overmighty governments and busy-body bureaucrats from stuffing it up for the rest of us. And that’s why I’m a libertarian.

If you’d like a short primer on libertarianism and what people like me believe, please download my e-book. It’s free, short and concise, and covers the basics pretty well. But the TL/DR version is that libertarianism is a view that says ‘Leave me alone unless I hurt someone.’ It strips power away from the political and bureaucratic worlds and invests it back into the individuals, freeing us to make our own decisions for ourselves, as long as we don’t hurt anyone.

I call myself a Film Maker because… well I make films. Some of them are little political projects in support of libertarian views, and you’ll find them in the blog and on the ‘videos’ page. Others are my attempt to work my way into the entertainment industry as a film maker, by creating short films and writing feature films that I hope some day soon to produce for your viewing pleasure. You’ll find my past projects, and my projects under development, under the ”Films’ tab.

So now that that’s out of the way, who am I? I’m an Aussie born, Melbourne bred, son of a preacher-man. I’m personally conservative, but politically libertarian. That simply means that while I make quite conservative choices for myself, and I encourage others to do the same when asked, I don’t presume to have the power to make anyone live in any particular way, nor do I seek to use the power of government to tell others how to live.

I live in a large world with a huge range of friends and acquaintances, including many people who are most definitely not conservative, and I’ll fight for their right to make the choices they make, whilst simultaneously disagreeing with their choices.

I hold day a day job as the General Manager of a Melbourne based video production company, because yes, even ‘internet famous’ people have bills to pay, and I’m a speaker, MC, and occasional actor when the opportunities arise.

So why do I run this blog? Is it for the money? (spoiler alert, there’s no money in blogging unless you have millions of readers) No. Is it so I can be ‘internet famous’ (whilst it is nice to be very occasionally recognised on the street, it’s very not nice to be abused by dreadlocked wannabe hippies passing on their bicycles… yes really, that’s happened… more than once) Definitely not.

What I want, more than anything, is to be left alone. Not in a hermit ‘I’m going to hide away where no one can find me’ kind of way, but in a more practical kind of way. I want to live my life without being told what to do by busybodies. I want to do business, or not do business, as I see fit. I want to be left alone for as long as I don’t hurt anybody, and it blows my mind that this simple idea should be so contentious, and so impossible, in Australia today.

If I had my way, I wouldn’t be doing this at all, because it wouldn’t need to be done. My dreams do not include ‘being a blogger’. My dreams are to make movies and people love watching, to own the worlds best public go-kart track (no really… I have a killer idea that will blow the competition away… and besides, how cool would that be???) and a few other hair-brained ideas that I would pursue if I had the freedom. There are many things that I would do if this blog, and my political videos, didn’t need to be done.

But it does need to be done. Because you and I don’t have the basic freedoms that I consider essential. Every time we transact business, the government sticks its nose in, costing us money and cutting our choices. Every time I chase a dream, I’m confronted by a tonne of paperwork to complete, applications to lodge and licences to beg for. And every time I’m paid, some of that money disappears before I ever see it, to pay for the government to that wastes my time and meddles in my business.

So I have less money, my money doesn’t go as far, and my choices are limited and costly. It all adds up to a far lower quality of life than should be the case. And that pisses me off, and that’s what got me started on this blog.

But what really drives me is where this whole train-wreck of over-government is heading. I’m a father, and whilst the loss of liberty, choice, and personal freedom in my lifetime is alarming, thinking about where we will be by the time my children are my age is downright frightening.

So what I want is for my children to have choices that I’ve been denied. For them to be able to live in a world where bureaucrats don’t get to make their decisions for them, where taxes don’t cripple them, where busybodies don’t meddle with them… a world where they can spread their wings and fly… or fail, on their own merits and choices. And where they aren’t always fighting a head-wind of high costs and mountains of paperwork imposed by self-important bureaucrats every time they try to accomplish anything in life.

Now I don’t know exactly how this blog will help to achieve this goal. Will the powers-that-be read it? I doubt it. If they did, would they care? Definitely not. So what good can this blog do? Is it just a futile exercise?

My best hope of achieving anything at all lies in a simple, perhaps foolish dream that I can find others who see things as I do, or at least similarly enough that we can join our efforts, spread the word, and maybe, just maybe, there will be enough of us to put some political pressure on.

At my core I’m an optimist, and that means that I believe that all is not lost, our government can be cut down to size, and our overmighty bureaucracy can be culled and brought to heel, reminded that they are here to serve us, and not the other way around. But this will only be possible when politicians feel the sting of voter’s anger at the size and cost of government. Once they start to realise thatcutting is a vote winner, not spending, then things will begin to change and my dreams may become reality.

So please, take a look around, share what you like, debate what you don’t, and lets see if dreams really do come true.