Obama’s Paris shortcut hits a dead-end

Paris deal should have been a treaty, not an executive act

Heads are exploding over the fact that Trump is pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Accord. Much noise and fury from many a keyboard warrior has been spent predicting doom for all mankind as a result of this decision. I’ll spare you the gory details, but if you’d like a good laugh at […]

Final week to buy Libertarian Conference Tickets!

Don't miss the #1 Libertarian event of the year!

Make no mistake, you don’t want to miss the 2017 Friedman Liberty Conference, being held in Sydney on April 28th-30th. The lineup of speakers reads like an international who’s who of the liberty community, with a vast and wide range of speakers known for their insight, humour, intellect, and passion. Add to that an astonishing […]

Impending Oroville Dam Disaster is a warning to us all

It's the first of many infrastructure failures, and not just in the US

You may have heard of the Oroville Dam and the fact that residents below the dam are being evacuated in case the emergency spillway fails: The threat of imminent collapse of the Oroville Dam emergency spillway continued to ease Monday morning, hours after authorities ordered the evacuation of more than 180,000 downstream residents upon discovering damage to the structure. […]

Backflip on MDBA review

Some rare good-ish news

The Productivity Commission is doing what the Murray Darling Basin Authority refuse to do: Reviewing the effects of the Murray Darling Basin Plan, along with the National Water Initiative (now there’s a whole other kettle of fish, if you’ll excuse the pun), and they’ll be doing it every 5 years, when the Murray Darling Basin […]

Suicide by Sanctimony

Killing ourselves for a 'feel good'.

Have we gone completely mad? We’re winding back the progress which has made this last century the most prosperous in the history of mankind. We live longer, grow taller, can be healed of more diseases, and have seen worldwide poverty drop to unprecedented levels. But we’ve convinced ourselves that our own progress is evil, is […]

Murray Darling Basin Plan – Saving fish, killing people

Environmentalism is a play-thing only the rich can afford.

It’s so easy for us to get caught up all manner of causes which are luxuries that only the wealthy can afford. Environmental activism, animal rights, ‘sustainability’, renewable energy, climate change, these are the concerns of the rich, and only the rich. No one lacking food security for themselves or their family gives a damn […]

Greenpeace gets a taste of its own medicine

Those who live by the lawsuit...

Greenpeace is about the learn a lesson in irony. As Anthony Hopkins’ character says in the movie ‘Fracture’, Sometimes life gives us these little gifts… And in the movie, those words soon come back to bite him. Having read this article, Greenpeace must be feeling the sting of the schadenfreude currently being enjoyed by every company […]

Libertarian Activist of the Year award at the ALS Conference

An incredible conference, with a personal highlight.

The Australian Libertarian Society just hosted the 4th annual Friedman Conference up in Sydney, and it was a simply incredible event, with over 300 people in attendance. My team video’d the whole thing, so if you couldn’t be there then be patient for another week or so and you’ll be able to start watching sessions […]

We can keep farmers afloat and the Murray-Darling flowing

The Australian
March 24, 2016

So pleased to see that the fight for the Murray Darling Basin which I was part of 4 years ago is still being waged with excellent effect by scientists and senators, and there may yet be a positive outcome for the people who were set to lose everything had the original MDBA plan been adopted.

I played a small part in stopping the original plan with my ‘unpopular view #5‘ video, which was one of many contributing factors which forced the government to go back into a ‘consultation’ phase, and bought time for others to join the fight and get us to where we are now. Thanks to the tireless efforts of those ‘others’ in the years since, the battle may yet be won.