Final week to buy Libertarian Conference Tickets!

Don't miss the #1 Libertarian event of the year!

Make no mistake, you don’t want to miss the 2017 Friedman Liberty Conference, being held in Sydney on April 28th-30th. The lineup of speakers reads like an international who’s who of the liberty community, with a vast and wide range of speakers known for their insight, humour, intellect, and passion. Add to that an astonishing […]

18c inquisition ends in QUT case

The persecution-by-process ends at last

It seems that this is finally the end of the road for one of the more absurd chapters in modern legal history: Justice Dowsett handed down a 56-page judgment which comprehensively rejected Ms Prior’s attempt to run an appeal against a lower court’s summary dismissal last November of her bid to sue the students for […]

Triggs to face questions over QUT 18c case

Pass the popcorn

Forget Mohammed Ali’s Rumble in the Jungle, this is a showdown worth watching! Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs is set for a showdown with government MPs on Friday over a controversial case at the centre of a push to overhaul Australia’s racial discrimination laws. The commission confirmed on Thursday it would not use public interest immunity provisions […]

18c Bill paid by the public

Can we repeal it now?

File this under the ‘Faith in Humanity Restored’ category. Alex Wood, the university student who was exonerated over racial hatred claims and then hit with a $41,336 bill to pay legal costs incurred by the solicitor of his accuser, will not be out of pocket a cent. An overwhelming response from members of the public […]

No right to protest in NSW

A dangerous precedent has been set

This decision by the NSW Supreme Court sets a very dangerous precedent: Police have successfully shut down an anti-lockout law protest that was expected to be attended by thousands in central Sydney on Saturday night. In a New South Wales supreme court decision on Friday, justice Geoff Lindsay ruled in favour of the commissioner of […]

Yes it was terrorism.

We cannot fix a problem that we dare not name.

UPDATE 3: And a friend of the attacker has now come forward stating that he recently converted to Islam: A close friend told said Gargasoulas’ rantings were driven by heavy use of the drug ice, and that he had recently converted to Islam. ‘He was a great guy but ice destroyed him. Then he converted to […]

A Murderous Dictator Rises

Duterte makes the case for Libertarianism

While many words and hours have been spent breathlessly speculating about whether Trump is ‘literally Hitler’, a murderous dictator has quietly risen to power in a democratic country, made comparisons between himself and Hitler… and in the process he’s proved exactly why libertarianism matters. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is exactly the kind of person who shouldn’t […]

Unsafe at our ANZAC marches

Can we admit there's a problem yet?

Some of the smaller ANZAC marches in the Blue Mountains area of NSW have been cancelled as the communities cannot afford the extraordinary security measures which are now deemed necessary for public gatherings: Anzac Day marches across the Mountains have been cancelled this year because of the additional costs of anti-terrorism measures imposed by local […]

Geert Wilders rising

It's BECAUSE of the conviction, not in spite of it.

The failure of so many ‘sophisticates’ and ‘betters’ to understand what’s happening in the world right now continues unabated. You’d think that after failing to see Brexit coming, and then deciding it was ‘Because Racism’, and then failing to see President Trump coming, and then deciding it was ‘Because Racism’, and most recently failing to […]

Freedom of Association dying nation wide

Victoria holds out for now

Freedom of Association is as fundamental as Freedom of Speech, and is under as much attack. We’ve seen ‘Vicious-Lawless Association Disestablishment’ laws in Queensland, purportedly to ‘crack down on bikies’ and ‘protect the public’ (that old chestnut), which in reality led to a string of embarrassing and wasteful prosecutions against people who were paying bills; […]