Final week to buy Libertarian Conference Tickets!

Don't miss the #1 Libertarian event of the year!

Make no mistake, you don’t want to miss the 2017 Friedman Liberty Conference, being held in Sydney on April 28th-30th. The lineup of speakers reads like an international who’s who of the liberty community, with a vast and wide range of speakers known for their insight, humour, intellect, and passion. Add to that an astonishing […]

Venezuela leads the fight against obesity

2nd only to North Korea

Venezuela are leading the way in the fight against obesity. While we sit here debating the merits of a sugar tax, they’ve taken real action by making all food hard to find, and it’s really paying off: According to new results from an annual national survey, nearly three-quarters of respondents reported losing an average of 19 pounds […]

The war on drugs is a war on people

Hear it from someone who knows

Phillipine President Duterte is waging a bloody war on drugs, and whilst his methods are more violent and callous than those used in the US or Australia, it’s a logical extension of the same thinking: Drugs might ruin your life, so we’ll do it first. Former Colombian President Cesar Gaviria bluntly admits to his own […]

Cory Bernardi takes a leap into the unknown

The beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning for a long political career?

Only time will tell if Cory’s move today will have any meaningful impact on Australian politics, but I’m fairly certain that the symbolism of his move alone will make an impact quite separately from any practical impact. Many things can be said about Senator Bernardi, and I happen to like him far more than most […]

No, changing the date won’t fix anything.

As long as Australia Day exists, people will be offended.

Changing the date isn’t the answer. The kind of people who are offended are not offended by the date, they’re offended by the celebration of modern Australia. Changing the date is just a convenient cover for their loathing of all things Aussie. There’s lots that I’d like to say, but if I do I’ll suddenly […]

Affordable Housing Crisis is Government-made

Landlords demonized for giving $11Billion subsidy to renters.

The clamor to ‘fix the housing affordability crisis’ grows louder with each passing week, and the debate surrounding housing affordability is as ill-informed as you might expect. The incoming NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has listed housing affordability as one of her top priorities, and don’t expect political talk of the ‘crisis’ to go away any time […]

No right to protest in NSW

A dangerous precedent has been set

This decision by the NSW Supreme Court sets a very dangerous precedent: Police have successfully shut down an anti-lockout law protest that was expected to be attended by thousands in central Sydney on Saturday night. In a New South Wales supreme court decision on Friday, justice Geoff Lindsay ruled in favour of the commissioner of […]

It’s a proper Brexit!

Theresa May honors the will of the British people.

I’ve been watching with interest to see whether the British Government would try and weasel its way out of a proper Brexit, and to my surprise, it seems they’ll be honoring the results of the vote and completely exiting from all aspects of the EU, including the migration zone and the economic zone. LONDON — Theresa […]

A Murderous Dictator Rises

Duterte makes the case for Libertarianism

While many words and hours have been spent breathlessly speculating about whether Trump is ‘literally Hitler’, a murderous dictator has quietly risen to power in a democratic country, made comparisons between himself and Hitler… and in the process he’s proved exactly why libertarianism matters. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is exactly the kind of person who shouldn’t […]