Your public ‘servants’ at work

Et tu tax department?

In a classic ‘do as I say, not as I do’ moment, the Deputy Commissioner of Taxation has been summonsed to court for allegedly abusing his position in relation to a massive… wait for it… tax evasion scheme. Michael Cranston, the deputy commissioner of the Australia Taxation office, has been charged with abusing his position as […]

Final week to buy Libertarian Conference Tickets!

Don't miss the #1 Libertarian event of the year!

Make no mistake, you don’t want to miss the 2017 Friedman Liberty Conference, being held in Sydney on April 28th-30th. The lineup of speakers reads like an international who’s who of the liberty community, with a vast and wide range of speakers known for their insight, humour, intellect, and passion. Add to that an astonishing […]

Did you know that there’s a privately run, market driven housing affordability scheme which is subsidizing housing to the tune of $11 Billion every year?

This is my take on the Housing Affordability Crisis and the outrage against ‘negative gearing’… and a lot of people aren’t going to like it.

Venezuela leads the fight against obesity

2nd only to North Korea

Venezuela are leading the way in the fight against obesity. While we sit here debating the merits of a sugar tax, they’ve taken real action by making all food hard to find, and it’s really paying off: According to new results from an annual national survey, nearly three-quarters of respondents reported losing an average of 19 pounds […]

Impending Oroville Dam Disaster is a warning to us all

It's the first of many infrastructure failures, and not just in the US

You may have heard of the Oroville Dam and the fact that residents below the dam are being evacuated in case the emergency spillway fails: The threat of imminent collapse of the Oroville Dam emergency spillway continued to ease Monday morning, hours after authorities ordered the evacuation of more than 180,000 downstream residents upon discovering damage to the structure. […]

Cory Bernardi takes a leap into the unknown

The beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning for a long political career?

Only time will tell if Cory’s move today will have any meaningful impact on Australian politics, but I’m fairly certain that the symbolism of his move alone will make an impact quite separately from any practical impact. Many things can be said about Senator Bernardi, and I happen to like him far more than most […]

Trump might cut $10T in spending

But it still won't balance the budget

Trump has been busy in his first week, and I’ve been more pleased with his actions than I expected to be. And if current rumors turn out to be true, then we might be in for a very interesting 4 years indeed: The departments of Commerce and Energy would see major reductions in funding, with […]

The Trump-ocalypse is upon us

The risks and opportunities of the next 4 years

Donald Trump is now President of the United States of America, Commander In Chief of the worlds most powerful military, at the helm of the worlds largest economy, and all whilst maintaining the most confusing hair in history. Who’s making ‘Ginger’ jokes now? His inauguration speech was heavy on optimism and faith in the American […]

It’s a proper Brexit!

Theresa May honors the will of the British people.

I’ve been watching with interest to see whether the British Government would try and weasel its way out of a proper Brexit, and to my surprise, it seems they’ll be honoring the results of the vote and completely exiting from all aspects of the EU, including the migration zone and the economic zone. LONDON — Theresa […]