There’s more to me than just some political hack making crappy videos. I’m also an artistic hack making crappy movies! My goal is to become ‘successful’ (whatever that means) in the film business, and to that end I’ve written and directed a few short films, and I’ve written a few feature films that I hope to one day direct, for your viewing pleasure.

See below for my finished short films, and for my works-in-progress feature films!

The Hustle

A short film I wrote and directed which was selected as a finalist for the Tropfest Film Festival, the Austin International Film Festival, the Los Angeles Festival of Cinematic Arts, the Love Your Shorts Film Festival, and the St Kilda Film Festival. It’s also been broadcast on Television in Australia and Japan, and was featured in a episode of ‘On Story’, alongside interviews with House of Cards writer Beau Willimon and The West Wing writer Eli Attie, a huge compliment.

You can view the 7 minute film via the link above, and the On Story episode with me and ‘The Hustle’ at the end can be seen here:


Hank Danger

This simple, single scene short film, written by a friend of mine, is in production now, and should be finished by mid 2016. I’ll be entering it into a slew of short film festivals and *fingers crossed* I hope it will get in to a few! Standby!



Yes, a film with a hashtag in its title. It was going to happen eventually…
This is my first feature film script, has been in development for approaching 3 years, is up to Draft 8 (so probably about half way to being any good), and we’re now approaching prospective film investors for expressions of interest.
Genre: Thriller
Tag: “Flight to the death”
Log-Line: A flight from paradise becomes the flight from hell as a mystery disease takes over and fear turns friends into enemies.
Background: This film was conceived prior to MH370, MH17, and the Germanwings disasters, as well as prior to the most recent Ebola outbreak, but all of these tragic real-life events only strengthen the plausibility of the (admittedly still quite implausible) #PL221 scenario. A pandemic has broken out on a remote island, but is contained to that island and a few boats which can be quarantined… with the exception of one commercial airliner which is too far from the island to turn back. With over 200 lives at stake on the plane, and billions of lives in the world at large threatened by what they have on board, the powers that be make a tragic but necessary decision, that PL221 must not reach land, and they will shoot it down if they have to. This entire film takes place on the flight deck of PL221, with the viewer trapped on the plane along with the flight crew, cabin crew, and the doctor who is trying and failing to keep the sick on board alive. It’s a white-knuckle thriller that builds pressure and doesn’t let up until the final seconds of the film, and poses impossible moral dilemmas with no ‘right’ answers, whilst pitting crew against captain, passengers versus crew, and the entire world against #PL221, in a flight to the death with fuel running out.
The script can be made available to prospective investors.



A period thriller set in Melbourne in the 1880s as a serial killer holds the city in the grip of fear, hell-bent on playing God with the lives of his victims.
This script is only a 1st draft at this time, but I’m steadily making improvements and over the next few years will bring it up to a marketable standard.



A mistaken-identity comedy about a bored housewife who comes to believe that her otherwise unremarkable husband is secretly their local superhero, Heroman. A string of misunderstandings and poor decisions then lead them all to fall into the evil grasp of ‘Mr 13’, with no superhero in sight to save them…
This script is only a draft 1, and needs a lot more work. As with Black, I hope to bring this to a marketable standard over the next few years.


The Travelers

A family friendly time-travel based ‘fish-out-of-water’ comedy about a young couple from the late 1700s who wake up in the modern day. A cascade of misunderstandings and hidden agendas turn them into national news and unwitting leaders of a revived hippie movement. The couple find themselves in endless trouble with a never-ending parade of bureaucrats and busy-bodies who find fault with almost everything about them. The conflict brings out their best and leads a young local boy to discover that there’s more to life than snapchat and minecraft as he and the couple become best friends.
This film is only in concept form at this time.



A home-front vietnam war era drama. A 3rd generation military family struggle to deal with a son at war, a daughter estranged in the anti-war movement, a father struggling with the ghosts of WWII, and a mother trying to hold it all together. News of the sons capture in Vietnam pushes the father over the edge, and not even his squad mates can save him from himself. The father’s WWII friend, now a chaplain, does what he can for the newly widowed mother, as she tries to find hope in a sea of loss. In time, the daughter finds that nothing can replace family, and the son returns home alive, but carrying some of the same unseeable scars that brought his father undone. And a WWII vet turned chaplain fulfills his promise to his trench-mate to bring his son home safe.
This film is only in concept form at this time.