For some strange reason, some people want to hear more of me, and occasionally someone is crazy enough to actually want me to speak to a group, and how can I say no? Over the years my victims have included university student groups, conferences, film societies, and other random groups, and topics have ranged from the Venezuelan Socialist Collapse (titled ‘Condoms, Toilet Paper, and Venezuela’), to Communicating through film and video, Freedom of speech, Water rights, and a few other subjects so boring that even I fell asleep during my talk.

Topher Field MC Speaker

I also MC, and happily leave my politics at the door when I do. I’ve MC’d weddings, conferences, networking events, and business breakfasts. So far no one has asked me back a second time, so I’d say it’s going well.

My speech ‘Condoms, Toilet Paper, and Venezuela’ can be seen here:

And a promo video from an event I MC’d, including hosting a discussion panel and fielding questions from the audience, can be seen here:

If you’d like to check my availability for an event, please contact me.¬†Bribes of 10yr old Port, and Cuban Cigars will be looked upon favourably.