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Wondering what this place is and whether it’s worth your while to take a look around? My name is Topher Field, and this is my blog. On the home / blog page (Click the ‘Topher Field’ logo) you’ll find all my musings, articles and issues I find post-worthy, and my occasional videos. You’re more than welcome to participate, share, and comment to your hearts content.

I’m best known for my videos, so if you’d rather cut the clutter and just see those, then click the ‘Videos’ tab. You can see them all, or sort them into their categories and series. Some of them are very old now, so try not to judge me too harshly!

The ‘About‘ tab is pretty self explanatory, it’s where I get to be a little bit narcissistic and talk about myself for a little while, so that’s probably a good place to start if you’re sitting there thinking “Who the f*** is this w*nker?”


And the ‘Films‘ tab? That’s where I put my more creative projects, the ones that aren’t about the politics, but are about the entertainment. My portfolio is pretty small right now, but I’m working on more, and in due course I’ll be adding some of the projects that I have in the pipeline.


The ‘Speaking‘ tab is where I put the videos of my past speaking engagements (at least the ones that were recorded) and some information about how to engage me as a speaker or MC, if you’re really that desperate.


The ‘Exit‘ tab does what it says on the box. It gets you out of here. You might find this useful if you’re easily offended by people with different ideas, if you can’t handle the thought that someone might disagree with you, or if you’re just a bit of a precious petal in need of ‘safe spaces’ and ‘trigger warnings’. If that’s you, please use the ‘Exit’ button immediately, and you’ll be transported to one of the most ridiculous, and yet funniest ‘environmental’ campaigns I’ve ever seen: The PETA campaign to rename fish into ‘Sea Kittens’. It’s equal parts genius and gobsmacking stupidity, and it’s pretty damn funny, so think of it as my parting gift as you run away with your fingers in your ears. Enjoy.