Student Union Speech Fascists

A parody of themselves

There isn’t a ‘facepalm’ meme dramatic enough to match this spectacular own-goal, scored by the Lincoln University Student Union:

That’s right, the LU Conservative Association had the temerity to accuse the LU Student Union of being intolerant of free speech… so the solution (according to the LUSU) was to… shut down their speech.

Can they not see that they’ve become a parody of themselves? Are they oblivious to the fact that they are proving the very point they’re trying to silence?

Combine this with the way a guest speaker (invited by a small group of students) was treated at Middlebury College, being shouted down and unable to get a word in. These students were absolutely determined that he wouldn’t be heard, even though most of them had never bothered to read his works, or actually hear from him first hand what he really believed (as opposed to what they’d been told he believed):

(The fun kicks off at about 18 mins and 55 seconds, so skip to there if you can’t be bothered watching it all)

Combine this with the ‘safe spaces’ movement, the rampant reverse racism and sexism, and closer to home add a layer of activist lecturers and faculty such as the QUTs Cindy Prior, and it leads me to wonder whether there’s any value left in our ‘higher education’ system, of whether the whole thing just needs to be washed away and we should start again from scratch?

I’ve always been a bit cynical of the education ‘system’ (note, I’m not anti education!) as someone who had the benefits of being home-schooled. But even in my cynicism I would never have predicted that our ‘houses of learning’ would come to this.

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