May I present the Pilot episode of ‘The Pub Test’, a new project I’m seriously considering launching.

Watch it and let me know if you:

  • laughed,
  • learned something,
  • and if you’d like to see more of them!

The group I’m working with are a bunch of fun and we had a ball making this pilot episode, so if you have as much fun when you watch it then… hey, maybe we’re on to something! But we’ll only do more if enough people watch it, and enjoy it, so leave your comments and help spread this video!

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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7 thoughts on “The Pub Test – Pilot Episode

  1. Hi Tropher,
    As one of the older generation I found the pilot episode interesting and refreshing in that it wasn’t left wing like many of the other TV chat shows tend to be. It was fast paced and, hopefully, will appeal to a younger audience.
    I must admit that I didn’t find it particularly funny but it certainly was watchable.
    I watch a few talk shows (eg Andrew Bolt, Paul Murray, ‘The Outsiders’ which I enjoy) and they tend to cover the bigger issues, but it is also interesting to cover some of the ‘grass roots’ issues as you have done.
    My only suggestion is that if the series is to be called ‘The Pub Test’ perhaps it should be held in a pub and it would be good if your guests didn’t always agree – some issues could be debated in a light hearted manner.

    • Thanks for the feedback Roger.

      We do indeed plan to film future episodes in a pub! It was just easier to get this ‘proof of concept’ Pilot episode done somewhere easier and quieter.

      There is also a balance to be struck when it comes to the amount of agreement or disagreement. In order for the show to have a clear brand and appeal to a clear audience, there needs to be a fair bit of agreement or common ground between the presenters, but in order to create interest and provoke peoples thinking, there also needs to be disagreement. The truth is that most shows you can name that have large followings are populated by people who mostly agree with each other, and have a clear ‘brand’. Think of any show on the ABC (even Q and A, where people who disagree are only brought on to be burned at the stake by the stacked panel) or increasingly ‘The Project’ and others are all flying the flag for increasingly left wing and pro-government intervention positions.

      We’re trying to offer a counter-weight to that, a show that doesn’t assume more government = good, but actually starts with the opposite idea. A show that takes all the little things that are going on around us all the time and brings them back to principles of liberty and freedom.

      Our aim is not to create a show that is in and of itself balanced, but instead to provide space for a voice that is all but completely missing from the media landscape today.


  2. Go for it! Excellent work and good production values (sound, etc), although it might be more difficult in an actual pub.

    Would love to see this as a regular series.

  3. I liked it, even as a kiwi living in NZ. I had read about some of the topics you and your Panel referenced and it was interesting to hear the views from a more Liberal point of view.

    Thought the Panel was a good mix and there was enough difference of opinion to make it interesting, without being combative.

    It was even more refreshing to hear younger people (I’m 50) with Conservative/Liberal/Common Sense views. It gives one hope for the future and I think you guys in Aussie need it more the us here in NZ at this point. Your “lefties” seem far more rabid and vindictive than ours are (yet)

    I would watch more episodes.

    As an aside I used to be in the Police here in NZ and know of one or two Traffic Enforcement members who even ticketed their own wives for minor infringements! (would have made the dinner converation interesting!!) It is not just a Queensland thing unfortunately.